Marriage and Couples Counseling


Dr. Richard Nicastro

Serving Couples in Las Cruces, El Paso & Beyond…

Falling in love is the easy part—maintaining a marriage or relationship that continues to bring meaning and fulfillment to your life is the challenging part – a challenge many couples face.

As a psychologist and couples/marriage counselor, I’ve seen first-hand how couples can turn around a troubled relationship and build a stronger connection.

Let my 15+ years experience helping couples work for you.

Services & Resources Offered:

Couples & Marriage Counseling;

Individual Counseling for Relationship Issues;

Marriage/Relationship Classes & Workshops;

Marriage/Relationship Workbooks.

And the best news of all—whether you live in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Silver City or any point in between, now you can give your relationship the care it deserves from the comfort of your own home!

For couples unable to travel to Las Cruces, phone and Skype sessions are available.

Contact us today if you have any questions about our services, upcoming classes, or products, or to set up an initial appointment.

Wishing you and your relationship all the best,

Richard Nicastro, Ph.D.

Las Cruces, New Mexico